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Beds - Our beds can be ordered in a range of sizes:
California King, Eastern King, Queen, Full and Twin. Our
wood bed components are hand crafted from oversize lumber.
While power tools are used for milling and cutting, every
component is finished by craftsmen using sharp hand tools.
Decorative turnings are also shaped by hand rather than mass
produced on automatic lathes and exhibit precise transitions
and subtle variations in shape. Traditional methods of joinery
and fastening allow for the natural movement of wood with
seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.
Surfaces are meticulously hand sanded at every step in the
finishing process. Finishes are applied by hand in multiple
layers, after which the final coat is hand rubbed to a soft
sheen. Integral to this process is glazing which adds realistic,
subtle signs of age when appropriate.
Our bed rails are made from substantial, over-sized, solid wood
planks and feature a concealed, solid steel inner rail that
provides exceptional perimeter and center support for the
mattress and box-spring. The center-rails are mounted using
sliding dovetails. Side-rails are connected using 12" steel bolts
with a captured nut.
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