How the heck do we say your name and what does it

Operaio Destra Grande, Inc (Ooh – pear- I-O    Daes- tra   Grahnn-dae )
was built from an existing company that specialized in the design and
construction of contemporary home furnishings and accessories. The
founder and his wife had relocated to Central Oregon from Southern
California, seeking a quieter more relaxed life style in order to raise a
family. The new company was renamed for the founders' son. They never
knew whether they were going to have a boy or a girl as all the
Sonogram showed was an image of a big right hand – waving, Hi!! Hence
the new name of the company, Operaio = Hand, Destra = Right, Grande =
Large or ODG for short.

How is the work constructed?
Our wooden furniture components are hand crafted from oversize
lumber. While power tools are used for milling and cutting, every
component is finished by craftsmen using sharp hand tools. Decorative
turnings are also shaped by hand rather than mass produced on
automatic lathes and exhibit precise transitions and subtle variations in
shape. Traditional methods of joinery and fastening allow for the natural
movement of wood with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.
Surfaces are meticulously hand-sanded at every step in the finishing
process. Finishes are applied by hand in multiple layers, after which the
final coat is hand rubbed to a soft sheen. Integral to this process is glazing
which adds realistic, subtle signs of age when appropriate. Our wooden
furniture is made from substantial, solid wood blanks, traditionally
joined, using mortice, tenon, foxtails, wedges or draw-bored pegs where

We build furniture on a customer request basis and require a 50% deposit
to initiate your order. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a
written confirmation, including your customer #, to ensure your order
information is accurate. When your order is nearing completion we will
contact you to arrange a delivery time. The balance will be due prior to
shipment. We accept money orders, personal checks, most major credit
cards and PayPal.

When can I have it and how much is delivery?
Most orders take between 12 to 16 weeks to build. Delivery takes an
additional 1 to 5 weeks depending on your location. Delivery within ten
miles is free; outside of ten miles please call for a quote When your order is
nearing completion, we will contact you to schedule a date and time for

If you would like a personal inscription on a piece, we can attach an
engraved brass plaque for an additional $50.

All of our furniture, except upholstery and our pine institutional
children's furniture, is guaranteed for LIFE or 50 years, whichever is
greater. Yes, we did say Life or 50YEARS whichever is greater. Upon
delivery, our clients receive a printed copy of Guarantee. At the bottom of
this Guarantee is their name and customer number, date of completion,
piece ordered as well as the initials of the Artisan craftsman responsible
for the piece. The client is entered into a secure database and stored until
needed Your ODG furniture is transferable once to your heir(s) designate.

We don’t play nice with others and promise not to share your
information or even the fact that we’ve done business with you with
anyone, without your express permission. Period.